Gum Arabic

Wellsprings of Gum Arabic:

The Gum Arabic is harvested commercially from wild trees, mostly in Sudan (80%) and throughout the Sahel, from Senegal to Somalia. The name “gum Arabic” was used in the Middle East at least as early as the 9th century.

General Uses of Gum Arabic

Supplements in ceramic glazes
As emulsifier
Beauty products
In dessert fillings & chewing gum
Water-soluble adhesive in firecrackers
In watercolor painting
Granola bars & sodas
As a stabilizer
In lithography & printing
Paints, pastes & inks

Who is utilizing?

Coca-Cola & Pepsi

Cosmetics producers

Paints and firecrackers creators

Edible treats (M&Ms, etc.)

Baking, during cake preparation and decoration

Manufacturers of postage stamps, envelopes, and cigarette papers.

Shoe polish

Pharmaceutical medications

Wine producers

Read Product Specification

Read through the specifications set by the Sudanese Standard and Specifications and measurements through the Technical Committee of Seed oil extracts and concentrates work programmes.

Our Range of Products

Not only are these products ingredients in a host of applications, but they are also integral ingredients to the landscape of Sudan. They are the fruitful products a system laboriously designed and toiled over according to our clients’ needs and expectations.

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