Born from a desire to transform the way agricultural commodities are traded.

As a communal enterprise shared equally with farmers supporting the provision of raw materials, the human resource involved in the transport process, and the end-users, Alara represents the mutually beneficial foundation for the communities it serves.

At Alara, there is excitement and satisfaction in serving clients and unveiling our regional products to the global market.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality home-grown organic products. Doing so enables us to celebrate diversity for the functional and aesthetic value that it adds to our lives.


To be a dynamic player across a cross-section of rapidly evolving markets.

To utilize our experience and expansive network in the sector to hedge our partners against price fluctuations and supply restrictions.

To perform professionally while remaining uncompromising on quality, compassion, and integrity for our global partners and customers.


Maximizing the potential and value of supply chain for our clients.

Drive development, productivity, and prosperity for both local and international stakeholder affiliated with Alara, while reflecting the iconic brand that is Sudan.

Increasing the potential of the supply chain for ordinary individuals, adding value to the lives of the masses.


As the world we live in is constantly changing, Alara’s values are continually developing. By reflecting the following values, we allow ourselves to encompass most of the principles that are integral to our organization:


From production to delivery, quality control and meeting client expectations is our prime prerogative.


We represent a culture of reciprocal loyalty that values both our clients and our partners by ensuring we are dependable and unwavering in our commitments to our customers and partners.


Our benchmark for achievement is to always strive to be better, never to be content, strive beyond adequacy, and consistently improve conditions for our suppliers and clients.


As a commercial enterprise, we are also at the heart of the lives of our workers, our customers, our suppliers, and all that is involved with us. Respect comes naturally as a matter of principle when working at Alara.


Our trading commodities are the regional pride of Sudan, and we aspire to exhibit them globally. Thus, our products are supported by our ambition to take Sudanese specialties around the world.

Our company acquires its name from King Alara, a King of Kush, who played a unifying role in the Nubian dynasty.