Gum Arabic

Wellsprings of Gum Arabic:

The Gum Arabic is harvested commercially from wild trees, mostly in Sudan (80%) and throughout the Sahel, from Senegal to Somalia. The name “gum Arabic” was used in the Middle East at least as early as the 9th century.

Sourced from Sudan

General Use of Gum Arabic

Desserts & Baking
Syrup & Soft Drinks
Hard & Soft Candies
Ceramic & Clay
Stamps & Envelopes
Granola bars
Photography & Printing
Dairy Products

Types We Offer

Talha Gum (Acacia Seyal)

These are the seeds of which the outside shells shading fluctuates from white to yellowish white, given that the hued seeds may not surpass 5%.

Hashab Gum (Acacia Senegal)

These are whitish sesame seeds which contain a most extreme 25% of colored seeds.

Primary Users

Coca-Cola & Pepsi

Cosmetics producers

Paints and firecrackers creators

Edible treats (M&Ms, etc.)

Manufacturers of postage stamps, envelopes, and cigarette papers

Shoe polish

Pharmaceutical companies

Confectionery shops

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