Hibiscus Dry Flower

Wellsprings of Hibiscus:

China and Thailand are the biggest producers and control a significant part of the world’s market, followed by the world’s best Roselle which originates from Sudan.

Sourced from Sudan

General Use of Hibiscus Dry Flower

High in medicinal nutrients, vitamin C, minerals, and cancer prevention agents; hibiscus tea has been used in both early convention and present-day science as a solution for anxiety disorders, sleep deprivation, alleviating moderate heart issues, reducing irritation, and accelerating your digestion. Pulp from the leaves is utilized to make poultices for wounds. Used 

In the treatment of
cardiovascular diseases
Food Dressings: Roselle sauce or syrup might be added to puddings, cake icing, gelatins
As a tea in the Middle East, where it's known as Karcade tea

Types we offer

Whole Calyx

Whole Free Bloom Sepals

Sifting (Nekhala)

Primary Users

Beverage producers

Cosmetics producers

Pharmaceutical organizations

Baking: Dressing of desserts

Food seasoning

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